This is an Advanced Design Studio by Prof. Peter W. Ferretto, connected to the Masters in Architecture program at CUHK.

The aim of the Studio is to rethink the meaning of rural villages in Hong Kong and make a series of propositional projects that could suggest different future rather than see this rich heritage disappear and forgotten.

1st Semester Final Review
3 December 2020

1st Progress Review

22 October 2020

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03 - Mapping Study 
02 - Material Study 
01 - Spatial Study 

The history of Hang Mei Tsuen dates back to the Song Dynasty. Ancestors of the Tang Clan, one of major clans in the New Territories settled in Ping Shan area in the 12th century, established several Wai (walled villages) and Tsuen (villages). Having Ping Shan mountain at its’ back and stream of water in the front, the location of Hang Mei Tsuen was considered to have good fengshui. The Tang Clan slowly claimed the nature blessed area and built up the clan’s territory, with boundaries vaguely defined by topography.

22° 26’43”N

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