This is an Advanced Design Studio by Prof. Peter W. Ferretto, connected to the Masters in Architecture program at CUHK.

The aim of the Studio is to rethink the meaning of rural villages in Hong Kong and make a series of propositional projects that could suggest different future rather than see this rich heritage disappear and forgotten.

1st Semester Final Review
3 December 2020

1st Progress Review

22 October 2020

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03 Mapping Study

Spatial Sequences

Open vs Narrow
Open vs Narrow
Plan vs Practical
Chaos vs Ordered
Permanent vs Temporary
Historical Relic in between New Constructions
Living in between the Gap

Material Juxtaposition: Traditional Tile Roofs and Metal Roofs

Activities & Lifestyles

The Tang clan gather at the plaza in front of the Tang’s Ancestral Hall to eat Poon Choi.
The gathering happens after worshipping ancestors or weddings.

︎02 Material Study
︎04 Design Community Space

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