This is an Advanced Design Studio by Prof. Peter W. Ferretto, connected to the Masters in Architecture program at CUHK.

The aim of the Studio is to rethink the meaning of rural villages in Hong Kong and make a series of propositional projects that could suggest different future rather than see this rich heritage disappear and forgotten.

1st Semester Final Review
3 December 2020

1st Progress Review

22 October 2020

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03 Mapping Study


The Plants quickly occupied the entire house and grew out from the opening in all directions. The openings then like some picture frames to show different conditions of the vitality.


In Between

Those spaces are filled with plants, and the sidewalls of the houses are almost invisible. Because there is no one to take care of or pruning them, these plants are very free and lush. They are like water, flowing from the forest on the mountain and into any space where they can grow.


The villagers here attach great importance to Chinese traditional Fengshui. They believed that a good geomantic location will bring them good luck and protect them to some extent.



Old Trees

︎02 Material Study  
︎04 Design Community Space

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